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Backlink building is a very important element of any SEO campaign. Quality contents and keyword density matters a lot. But without relevant backlinks which are published at web sites with high PR a new web site can hardly make its way up Google’s rankings.

Where to get backlinks? It is possible to exchange links with other web sites, as well as to simply buy them. But are there any other free ways of backlink building? Have you heard of social bookmarking? If not, then it is time for you to start using this popular SEO method.

Social bookmarking gained popularity in 2007 when major bookmarking websites appeared online. Very soon bookmarking websites have become the focus of webmasters. It became clear that published bookmarks were relevant back links. As known, Google and other search engines take this factor in consideration when ranking websites.

Social bookmarking works in a simple way. These websites allow users publishing links to favorite web sites. Besides, bookmarking services highly rate bookmarks that gained popularity and received positive feedback from the Internet users. If your website is popular with social bookmarking service it is more likely to get high rankings from search engine.

However, that is very important to make sure that published bookmarks are dofollow backlinks as these are the only back link types considered by search engines. A nofollow back link is totally ignored by Google. And that’s why publication of such a bookmark is a waste of time.

For this reason, it is very important to look for lists of dofollow social bookmarking web sites. Such lists can be found online. At the same time we still recommend posting bookmarks to websites that have both dofollow and nofollow back links as your bookmarks may become popular with social bookmarking service users, and such a back link will be valued by Google.

Finally, you need to remember that spamming is forbidden and you may get banned if the submission process will look unnatural.

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