Google Adds Another Leaf To Its Laurel


In the US Market, Google isn’t just a dominant player: it’s the undisputed King of Search. Google still leads the way very, very comfortably with a 67% market share in the world’s largest and most coveted market, and a prestigious list of additional properties that competitors simply cannot challenge (think Youtube, and you wouldn’t go very far wrong).

However, the picture in the U.S. and the picture everywhere else on the world isn’t identical. There remain small pockets of resistance throughout the world where Google’s supremacy has been effectively challenged.

Google has just toppled one of these brave resistance fighters – this very month. According to official reports, Google is now the Czech Republic’s Search Engine of Choice, although by a narrow margin. Google seized 47.2% of the market share to lead Seznam’s 45.5% and claim the top spot from the local search engine powerhouse. At the start of 2010, Google actually trailed the local leader by 20%, but effectively turned this around thanks to television advertising.

Well, one down – five more to go. Google has just five more pockets of resistance it has to crush before achieving world dominion. Here are those five countries and their current search.

* The People’s Republic of China, where a clash between Google and the Chinese government has left Baidu open space to maneouvre.

* Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, where Yahoo leads – a situation which will change course as Google soon exercises its right to provide Yahoo SERPS.

* Taiwan, where Yahoo still reigns supreme for now.

* Russia, where Yandex leads the race.

* South Korea, where Naver is the search engine of preference.

In other places outside of the top 40 markets, scores aren’t kept (comScore and other reporting groups simply don’t take the time), but of the 40 most significant markets commonly reported on, Google now leads in 35.

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