Google Adds Search Data To Its Adwords Keyword Tool


Massive big SEM news today – you’ll be able to currently see the (approximate) variety of times that a keyword/phrase is sought for in Google within the past year or month when you employ its Adwords keyword tool. For several web marketers, myself included, this comes shut to finding the holy grail of business on the web.

Up till now the sole knowledge given within the keyword tool has been the “green bar” of search popularity; a very rough and pretty inaccurate guide on how popular the search term was that you entered into into the tool.

For Google to convey away its search knowledge in this means marks a ocean amendment for the net large, who, up until currently, kept their search data confidential. The rationale for this was assumed to be Google wanting to stay its search results as pure and free from SEO influence as possible. Now, with the credit crunch beginning to bite, selling and advertising budgets are being squeezed, which has a knock-on effect on on-line advertising. The adding of traffic to the keyword tool can be seen as a sweetner for businesses looking to occupy internet space; it gives them certainty in an uncertain setting, one thing that business house owners crave.

A corollary of Google creating its search data offered is that the result it will have on keyword analysis tools like Wordtracker and Keyword Discovery. So long a staple of SEOs the planet over, these tools have now surely become surplus to requirements. When all, why would you want to base the main target of your SEM campaign on keyword knowledge that comes from little-used meta search engines such as Dogpile, instead of the search engine that the overwhelming majority of folks use – Google.

Another thing to think about by the releasing of this information is that the effect it may have on Google, searchers and webmasters/marketers:

The result on Google is probably to be positive as, as been previously stated, the release of search data is probably to encourage marketers to buy advertising from Google, which will in turn replicate well on Google’s profits.

The effect on marketers is massive, as I discussed earlier, as there will be accurate keyword analysis data fro the first time, making designing digital marketing campaign’s a heap easier and a lot of accurate.

The result on searchers is perhaps the foremost interesting. One read is that currently that marketers and SEOs have the Google search knowledge it will result in a higher user experience, as marketers’ strategy and campaigns will be a lot of aligned with their market’s wants (what they’re looking for). For example, when previously it had been thought that the foremost commonly probe for term for car rental was “automobile rental”, then Google’s knowledge shows it to really be “low-cost automobile rent”, then the individuals searching additional often for the latter term will get a lot of alternative and (hopefully) a lot of quality sites than they’d have done before. Thus shoppers are matched with products additional easily, that is that the goal of promoting, and capitalism in general.

A more sceptical view is that the release of the Google knowledge is a step too way within the marketers favour and seachers would be better serviced by a lot of distance between marketer and customer within the digital space.

I’m inclined to consider the primary read, but then, being a marketer, I’m biased!

Whatever your read on the merits (or lack therof) of this dramatic move by Google, one factor is for positive, its going to cause massive ripples in the search engine pond.

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