Notices Promising Easy Money Online Are Ambiguous But Not Totally Wrong

It’s become a constant line for comedians, particularly on TV panel shows, to make a gag of ads saying ‘work at home’ or ‘make cash on your computer’. There is a point, there are thousands of such ads and they are very simple to find on sites everywhere. And, they are getting a tarnished name as they guarantee the moon, easy fortunes for little input and watch the spoils stream in! No, the old adage “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is” truly does apply here as what is not said is the same for anyone putting up a website for anything is that they need to comprehend, or know somebody who does, SEO.

Allow me, while I declare an interest. I have an affiliate marketing shop which I’ve constructed as a fishing tackle shop to sell angling gear, DVDs, books and travel products for anglers. I have enrolled with several affiliate programs and have placed advertising links to lots of companies who retail fishing tackle, insurance for anglers, travel companies offering products for anglers and other items. Why? Well, because when I was studying SEO, I was looking for information on how to develop my knowledge and skills, and occasionally came across affiliate marketing as a phrase, and after a while I examined it to find out more. Let me explain how it works.

There are many hundreds of businesses offering goods and services online as we know. They all see the same issue, which is attracting people to their site to purchase stuff. They all have their SEO to announce themselves and their products so that people can find them on the search engines, but that often is not sufficient so what they do is to join affiliate marketing programmes and offer a commission of any sales brought about by somebody carrying their banner or link on a site to their shop. It’s an effective and method of drumming up business in the United States and is becoming more so in other nations, and of course someone setting up an affiliate marketing site like mine can insert ads for businesses anywhere in the world and still get paid.

Where the adverts for affiliate marketing are deceptive is that it is very easy to put the website up and the providers provide you whatever you need (you do not need any technical knowledge at all). The main knowledge is to know how to cut and paste the code for the banners. However, the site can be created and put online in no time flat, but that doesn’t mean anything since how are you going to bring shoppers to go to your site in order to click on the links to go to your partner’s online shops? You need SEO to do that, and it doesn’t work fast.

However, while the SEO work is having it’s effect, then ads can be put in the search engines which only cost when they are clicked. The cost can fluctuate as you have to bid for getting on the search engine results pages and you have to depend on your website being good enough to keep the customer and that they go to your affiliated sites and buy something.

So, don’t be mislead. Yes, the idea of affiliate marketing is a good and solid one, but expecting to put one up and then being able to take a trip to the Maserati showroom in the next week is not especially likely. You need SEO to promote your site, establish it in the search engine results and then maintain it there. The two jobs complement together, SEO is the key, affiliate marketing is the money generator.

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