Understanding SEO and The Search Engines


In the early days of the Net there were so few websites available on-line that competition was relatively negligible. In order to access the site a visitor simply had to type in the website address, or click a link that was included on a related site. It is a different story now because there are many million of websites live on the World Wide Web. To find out how many sites are on the web would be impossible as every day thousands are took down and every day thousands of newborn ones appear.

This represents a one hundred percent challenge as far as website owners and publishers are concerned. The better way to liken it would be trying to find a needle in a haystack.

The search engines are an main part of cyberspace technology. There is just too much information and too many websites for any one human being to have any hope of locating information which is significant and useful. There are loads of search engines available to use but most people use Google, yahoo and MSN.

But the question is still there, in that how do the search engines decide which sites to put at the front of search results and which sites should be kept at the back? When search engines were first introduced, they were little more than a directory. Much like the yellow pages used to be. Folks would then head to the section and find a site that they wanted. This meant a lot of work for the search engines which had to manually approve every site.

Fast forward to today and the search engines rely on something called algorithms. Algorithms involve taking the content of a website and identifying its subjects by keywords and content. Additionally, these algorithms take into account the popularity of each website.

The reason that popularity is considered to be so important is because it works a little like a voting system. The more people who visit a website, the more likely it is that that website is considered to be useful and relevant. In the same way, the more websites which link to this website, the more likely it is that it can be considered to be a reliable and trustworthy source of information.

Knowing the ordinary ways in which the search engines dissect the content, context and popularity of websites, owners and publishers of websites are of course very keen to ensure that they maximise the chances of their website being considered important and helpful by a search engine. Achieving this is likely to make sure the site appears near the top of the search engines results pages, creating a higher chance of extra visitors and promising customers seeing it.

This is what is known as search engine optimisation or SEO. Search engine optimization is the employment of methods and tactics which are likely to see to it that the website not only comes to the notice of the search engines, but achieves a high ranking post as well. Sound SEO is likely to mean added customers, and is therefore an required part of making any online business successful.

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