When I Was A Callow Teenager, I Found A Book Which Wrecked My Life


Joe Karbo ruined my life. You might find that an alarming introduction to one of my missives which are usually upbeat and merry (I hope) and frequent readers might say “hold on, don’t you refer to tricksters, fraudsters and thieves Jim Akin (of Swainston Hall, The Wynd, TS22 5QE in case of confusion in case of other Jim Akin’s) and his vile sibling John Akin, directors of Kalmindon Ltd?” And I do not actually, the stain that couple left on my life was a unpalatable inconvenience. No, if I hadn’t come across Joe Karbo as a callow lad of about 18, I probably wouldn’t have passed the radar of the Brothers Grim and I would still have the 3000 they trickedswindled out of me. Mind you, then I most likely wouldn’t have discovered and learned search engine optimisation which I love, but hey ho.

No, Joe Karbo scrawled a book titled The Lazy Man’s Guide To Riches and I devoured it and it gave me hope. The rotter! It was sold as a book about how to start, operate and maintain a mail order company, but before you got to that, Joe describeda mind method he named Dyna/Psyc which was a way of gearing the subconscious to uncover solutions to challenges in a similar way to transcendental meditation, and was basically the 1st self-help book I read. Much of the book is superfluous now in its original form, but the modern mail order adaptation of it is to be seen in affiliate marketing, which has a very close symbiosis with SEO and lo and behold, when I found the book the other day, I realised I’m still trying after all this time.

The problem I have in hindsight with old Joe, is that he put the notion in my head that I might be considerably better off working for myself and owing a company instead of going down the standard career path. This has led me to attempt many things, many of which never got off the runway, but included ideas like tailored greetings cards, Mongolian bbq restaurant, online takeaway restaurant ordering and my latest project, an affiliate marketing fishing shop.

I also probably wouldn’t have got involved in the Amway plan through which I came across a steady flow of self-help books and I grabbed them, I gained me so much about getting a cheerful mindset, self confidence and belief in myself. In fact, if I had not learned that, I most likely would never have taken the lead to go into IT freelancing and greatly boosting my income by using my experiences to their best effect. Those skills are outdated for the United Kingdom market nowadays, but they took me all across the country as well as a fantastic happy year in Australia. My latest skills in search engine optimisation are very much current and, in my opinion, vital to anyone who runs a website and wants it to be found if they intend to do business through it. Such as my affiliate marketing for instance.

So, as you can see, Joe Karbo wrecked my life. Thanks fella, I am very grateful in every way for what you did for me and I would not have amended a thing and never intend giving up.

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